Our Values

our philosophy

At the heart of sanikai's philosophy lies the pursuit of timeless design, elegant ethical values, and unmatched quality standards. We advocate fashion that transcends trends, empowers women, and protects the environment. Our commitment to these values is evident at every level, from our Swiss manufacturers to the materials we thoughtfully select and our corporate identity.


This deep-rooted dedication to sustainability and ethics permeates every aspect of our operation. From the very beginning, we ensure that every material we use is sourced with the utmost respect for the planet and the people involved. Our production process in Switzerland reflects our fair and transparent practices, where each garment is crafted with precision and care.


Moreover, we are keenly aware of our environmental footprint. This awareness is tracked in our logistics, where we prioritize short delivery routes facilitated by ground transport or shipping, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. We extend this sustainable approach to our branding materials, including eco-friendly hangtags and care labels, which are as beautifully designed as our clothing.


Most importantly, sanikai operates on a demand-driven model. By producing only what is needed, we avoid the pitfalls of overproduction and waste, further solidifying our stance as a brand that not only talks about sustainability but actively practices it in every thread of our existence. Our approach ensures that each piece we create is not just a garment but a statement of our commitment to a better, more responsible fashion industry.


responsibility & manufacturing 

Our clothes are sewn with much love by hand. We know the names of our tailors and we appreciate the close and personal cooperation very much.  

Our prototypes are made in the heart of Zurich. Together with talented young dressmakers, we work on a creative but sustainable basis. Our current manufacturers are in Lucern, Lugano & Zurich (Switzerland) and North Italy.


made to order

Since 2018, we have been Made To Order and sew our customers' orders directly to their body measurements. We only sew when there is an actual need. That is, each garment is sewn with much love and care for each customer. Our customers appreciate this very much because the garment fits without compromise and is not from mass production.



the essence of ethical elegance

In our quest as a sustainable high-end brand, we understand that clothing is not just a layer on the skin but an intimate expression of one's values. That's why we meticulously select materials that honor our planet, people, and animals:


Organic cotton (GOTS, KBA):

Soft, breathable, and kind to the earth, our organic cotton represents a symphony of ecological integrity and luxurious comfort.


Organic Linen (GOTS): 

Celebrating the age-old legacy of linen, we source ours organically, ensuring it's as gentle on the environment as it is on your skin.


Recycled Plastic Bottles (NEW LIFE):

 Transforming waste into wonder, our garments made from recycled plastic bottles symbolize innovation and responsible fashion.


Regenerated Nylon (Econyl®):

 With a nod to the future, we use Econyl® to create stunning pieces that blend environmental consciousness with cutting-edge style.


Recycled Cashmere (Knitted in North Italy):

 Our cashmere, reborn from pre-loved high-end garments, is soft and circular in nature.


Recycled or KBT Virgin-Wool, GOTS certified (winter collections only):

 Embracing warmth and sustainability, our wool is a cozy, ethical choice for colder days.




small details, big impact 


 Every button, whether made from coconut shell, wood, or corozo, tells a story of sustainability. Sourced from certified producers across Europe, they are tiny yet powerful symbols of our commitment to the planet.



 Our threads, spun from recycled plastic bottles, embody our dedication to innovation and a vegan lifestyle. Where possible, we also incorporate organic cotton threads, ensuring every stitch supports sustainability.


artistry with a conscience


digital printing

We bring our patterns to life on recycled plastic, using digital printing that's as kind to the earth as it is vibrant. Our vegan dyes and energy-efficient processes set new standards in eco-friendly fashion.


choice of techniques 

Depending on the intricacy of our designs, we alternate between rotational and digital printing, always prioritizing minimal water and energy usage. 

In every fiber, button, and hue, our materials and processes reflect a deep-rooted commitment to a world where high-end fashion and sustainability coexist in harmony. Welcome to the future of luxury — ethical, conscious, and exquisitely beautiful.