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At sanikai, we believe in fashion that goes beyond the familiar surface. We are not just a brand. We are part of a conscious movement committed to ethical sourcing, fair production, empowering women through fashion, and mindful fashion consumption.

Swiss Perfection with a Purpose

sanikai, a pioneering Swiss-based ethical and vegan fashion brand, is reshaping the landscape of unparalleled Swiss quality with a distinctly conscious approach. The commitment to preserving our precious planet and the textile workers has shaped our identity since our inspiring inception in 2015 in the vibrant heart of Zürich.

Our passion for sustainability is not just a statement, but a way of life. We meticulously select natural and recycled materials, each chosen for their minimal environmental impact and maximum aesthetic appeal. This eco-conscious selection is seamlessly blended with the renowned Swiss perfectionism, a hallmark of our brand's ethos. In essence, we create timeless collections of fashion pieces that are not only high-end but also based on ethical principles and quality that last.

At sanikai, we believe that fashion should be a force for positive human expression – a celebration of ethical values and a proclamation of our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. We invite you to join us on this journey of fashion that not only captures the eye but also moves the heart.


Embrace Demons ⎼ Lost between reality and our own surreal perspective.


Embrace Demons

In recent years, much has unfolded, and often I found myself trapped amidst the emotions of shame and powerlessness. Yet, with the women’s revolution in Iran, I finally gained the opportunity to process my own narrative. My inner demons
emerged more vividly each day, and I realized they are our driving force - the reason we survive daily. They shape our strength, hone our survival instincts, and serve as the catalyst for women worldwide to fight and endure.

Embrace Demons - Lost between reality and our
own surreal perspective.

Lost and trapped amidst the diverse realms of reality and our own surreal outlook. How do we discern which perspective is true and which is surreal? The question of perspective accompanies us all and is a reason why we tell our stories from various angles.

Several styles are now available online, inviting you to explore our latest collection. This series is distinguished by its feminine and airy silhouettes, crafted from exceptional materials with captivating textures. Flared trousers nod to the nostalgic early 70s, bringing a touch of retro charm to modern sophistication. Each piece is a testament to the art of fashion, designed not just to adorn but to evoke a sense of freedom and grace. Step into our world of timeless elegance and experience a collection that blends the past with the present in a dance of exquisite style.

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