BIRLA Turtleneck Dress


Discover Birla, our masterpiece that unites sustainability and style. This timeless turtleneck dress with a waist tie is a symbol of understated elegance, meticulously sewn in Zurich from premium organic cotton jacquard. The fabric, knitted in Portugal under stringent GOTS conditions, is distinguished by its geometric pattern, which is not only strikingly beautiful but also visually elongates, giving every wearer an impressive silhouette. Ideal for any occasion, whether for breathtaking appearances or a distinctive casual look, Birla offers versatility and comfort. This dress is a prime example of our commitment to quality and sustainability – designed and made in Switzerland. Experience the perfect blend of sustainable fashion and exquisite design with Birla.

The model stands tall at 1.90 meters and wears a size S. However, this dress will be crafted to your personal measurements. You also have the liberty to customize the length to your preference.


This dress features a waist belt.


Within Switzerland, we dispatch all parcels and envelopes via Swiss Post, ensuring deliveries unfold smoothly within 2-5 business days, depending on the order.

For Made To Order pieces, the crafting time may extend up to four weeks, reflecting the garment's intricacy. Should any delays arise due to supplier hold-ups, we pledge to promptly update our customers. This note specifically pertains to Made To Order items requiring fabric reorders, ensuring transparency and trust in our bespoke journey.

Orders from outside Switzerland are shipped via DHL, DPD, or Swiss Post, depending on the destination. We are committed to finding carriers that align with our ethos of sustainability while also ensuring expedited delivery times, ensuring that each parcel embarks on an eco-conscious journey to its global destination.

Care information

To ensure your cherished new garment remains a joy for as long as possible, we suggest washing it only when truly necessary. Often, airing it out for 12-24 hours is sufficient, provided the weather isn't damp. Avoid exposing the fabric, especially darker ones, to direct sunlight. For stains, consider using a laundry bag and a gentle handwash setting on your machine. Delicate items are best professionally cleaned.

Rest assured, all our fabrics are pre-washed for your convenience.



This garment is a Made To Order piece, signifying a personal approach to fashion. Upon order, we'll reach out for your measurements, tailoring the garment precisely to your body, ensuring it's not a mere off-the-rack find. This method reflects our belief in clothing's individuality, mirroring the unique form of its wearer, while also conserving resources by using only the necessary materials.

Embracing a brief wait, you'll come to appreciate the intricate craft of tailoring, valuing this piece far beyond any mass-produced attire.